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Aluminum plate manufacturer Yiyuan international aluminum - what is aluminum alloy processing!

Time:2021-12-13   Publisher: Yiyuan aluminum

What is aluminum alloy processing! Let's follow the aluminum plate manufacturer Yiyuan international aluminum to understand! There are two main ways to process aluminum alloy. One is aluminum alloy processing and production process. The solution process is divided into four processes: 1 Casting, 2 Extrusion, 3 Straightening, 4 Surface treatment. If we build different structures, we must carry out specification laser cutting on aluminum alloy profiles. This process is also called processing. In addition, aluminum alloy processing has other processing methods, such as drilling, embedding, countersunk, tapping, cleaning concave grooves, etc.

After reading the introduction of Yiyuan international aluminum, an aluminum plate manufacturer, do you have a general understanding of aluminum alloy processing?

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