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Aluminum plate manufacturer Yiyuan international aluminum - Encyclopedia of daily maintenance of aluminum plate!

Time:2021-12-13   Publisher: Yiyuan aluminum

We all know that any product needs maintenance, and aluminum plate products are no exception. How can aluminum plates be maintained in daily life? Let's take a look with Yiyuan international aluminum, an aluminum plate manufacturer!

The first is the application environment of aluminum plate. When the temperature is about 70 degrees, the aluminum plate will deform. When it is heated above 100 degrees, it will soften, so it should be avoided for more than 100 degrees.

Secondly, if there are some small scratches on the aluminum plate, we can wipe it directly with toilet paper or a rag with a small amount of toothpaste. If it is a large scratch, do not grind the aluminum plate with sandpaper. If sandpaper is used, the surface of the aluminum plate will be scratched.

Third, if there are stains on the surface of the aluminum plate, we need to scrub it with a soft cloth. Do not use any detergent containing granular objects. Do not scrub with any chemicals. Finally, the aluminum plate is easy to be damaged, and attention should be paid to surface protection during treatment.

After reading the introduction of Yiyuan international aluminum, an aluminum plate manufacturer, I believe you must have a general understanding of the daily maintenance of aluminum plates!

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